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United Kingdom

Shipping & Returns

We arrange transport of our shipments and 4-7 days from shipment delivery. Once the order is sent from our company, we will continue to track projects for our customers. If the package you and keep you safe transit traffic accident, or after receipt of the shipment may represent the end, please contact us immediately damaged.<br><br>

All Versandzeitenund date is approximate estimates are available and which is from the scheduled time of purchase, never. It is your responsibility to ensure that your relevant contact information is sent to the courier company. If needed, redirect shipments and costs, are your responsibility. You can track your online delivered by courier website.<br>
Who accepts handled by you alone will be considered legitimate recipient of the product delivered by courier. If there is absolutely no items for all legitimate recipients found their way into the local mailbox, provided the goods back can return within five days, which can be moved to the lead element, in this case, any kind of your responsibilities related costs.<br><br>

Defective products<br>
The project will be judged by our product teams to check for articles because of manufacturing or material, our Web site will replace their backs, and even free extra shipping costs. Under no circumstances be regarded as defective, does not qualify as a return based on this particular industry or refund.<br>
* All international returns must be returned within 14 days of receipt of purchase to our website.<br>
* The Customer shall pay Versandkostenf├╝r international exchanges (unless brought our fault). Payment of all duties, taxes and fees for returned items is the responsibility of the customer.<br><br>

Description again<br>
Follow the instructions below to return an item: Send us an email to a specified rate of return is the first reason, our support staff will give you a delivery address. Unpacking and repacking your products. Attach a note with the following information note:<br>
* Name registration page.<br>
* Order number.<br>
* Enter the reason for the return of the goods.<br>
* E-mail address you use to log into the site.<br>
Make sure you put this piece of paper and packaging products, and email us back. Enter the tracking volume, when you have been transported back. Is set to return for the transit of products, we take no responsibility. If you are concerned, we recommend that you review the product by registered post and retain proof of publication.